Most Popular Google Chrome Extensions

Google Chrome is widely considered to be the best web browser for many reasons. It offers a safe and secure alternative to other sites, allowing you to conduct banking transactions, sales and other business without fear of having your personal information compromised. Using Google Chrome allows you access to great extensions, some of which are only available as add-ons for proper web browsers such as Firefox. There are many Google Chrome extensions, but some are much more useful than others. Let’s take a look at some of the top extensions that you should consider.

AdBlock is one of the most popular Google Chrome extensions available. This extension has both proponents and detractors, as some feel that it diminishes the concept of the free web, while others laud its ability to keep users from experiencing constant interruptions. What it does is it takes out most ads from major websites while you browse. These ads often pop up and disrupt work as well. Videos which pop up and cause loud, blaring disruptions can be eliminated with this great extension. Many people, especially those who must frequently open new browsers at work, can benefit from the quieting effects this great extension produces.

Another great extension that you should consider is called the Dos/PDF PowerPoint Viewer. What this does is it allows you to open PDF links. Without it, you can become frustrated if you try to open PDF’s when time is of the essence. What this extension does is it sends the PDF directly to Google Docs. Here, the document can easily be read and analyzed. Additionally, the document can be read by multiple people at once, even if they are on different computers. You can even save the PDF document for later se as well.

Have you ever opened a YouTube video, only to have an unintended video pop up which automatically plays loudly? If so, then you should try the Stop Autoplay for YouTube extension. The nice thing about this extension is that it still pre-buffers the video for you to watch. Other stop auto play extensions or add-ons will not load your videos properly while they are being used. As a result, you do not get to access what you need. The progress bar will continue to load while you use Stop Autoplay for YouTube, and you can access your videos just as quickly as before.

FastestChrome is a Google Chrome extension which enhances all of your web searches. One of the best features of this extension is that allows you to immediately get the definition of any unfamiliar word. Simply highlight the word within the text, and it will provide the definition for you. This saves time, as you will not have to go and look for the word when there are deadlines you must meet. It also helps you when it comes to finding search results from other browsers. Take all of these wonderful Google Extensions into consideration to enhance your online experience.