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Django & Rails

Two of the most talked about web frameworks are called Ruby on Rails and Django. Choosing which of the two to help you and your development team hinges on several factors. Ruby on Rails, or simply ‘Rails’ as many call it, has been a popular tool for developing web applications for a long time. Django is another tool for developing web applications. I believe the core principal behind choosing any web application tool is simplicity during start up. Read more »

Subversion Hosting

Subversion hosting, or self-hosting, uses an open-source software which is important when it comes to maintaining access to previous versions of files. No matter what stage of revision you’re in, it grants you access to the different versions of those files. This is beneficial for a number of reasons. For one, you can track the progress of these files over time. Another great benefit is that you can pinpoint any mistakes that could have been made to the file, by going back and assessing the different changes that were made. Read more »